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EN54-16 Fireman's Microphone EVAC-500FM
EN54-16 Fireman's Microphone EVAC-500FM is one part of CMX EN54-16 certified voice evacuation system, it is used for fireman used for pre-recorded evacuation message announcement or live announcement.
Product Details


  • Fireman’s microphone as remote control of voice evacuation system EVAC-500.
  • EN54-16 Certified fireman’s microphone.
  • Emergency (EMG) microphone with priority.
  • EMG state and fault visual indicators.
  • The fireman’s microphone unit is fully real time monitored.
  • Four programmable buttons and EVAC/Alert.
  • Remote pre-recorded message broadcast in case of emergency.
  • Support DC 24V phantom power supply from the controller.
  • With AC, DC, fault, MIC and indication test four indicators.
  • With emergency activation button for all zone EVAC operation.
  • Communication distance up to 600 meters.
  • Communication with controller through CAT6 cable loop redundancy connection.
  • Each voice evacuation system supports 32 units of fireman microphone maximum.
  • With lock and key to ensure access permission.


The EVAC-500FM fireman’s microphone is EN54-16 certified and designed exclusively for EVAC-500 public address & voice evacuation system. The fireman’s microphone is a surface mounted cabinet containing a first help and echo cancelling microphone, state indicator, pre-recorded message announcement and live announcement. The fireman’s microphone is typically used in case of emergency to help the fireman to enter or acknowledge the emergency state, and acknowledge and reset the fault state. Emergency or alert pre-recorded messages can be broadcasted to pre-assigned zone or all zone, and fireman live calls can be made with priority. The fireman’s microphone is a remote control that has dedicated buttons and indicators for fireman’s operation only. The remote control has no zone selection but with programmable buttons. Four LED indicators show the EVAC status and calls that are active in the system. The fault indicators show detailed information of a fault in the system. Connection to the Voice Evacuation System is via standard, shielded CAT‑6 cable and RJ45 connectors in a redundancy loop up to 600 meters. The wall mount type fireman’s microphone is suitable for indoor & outdoor both applications. The voice evacuation system is strictly follow the Construction products Regulation(EU)No 305/2011: EN54-16:2008 Voice Alarm Control and Indicating Equipment.





Fireman’s Microphone

Power Consumption


System Capacity

32 units

Frequency Response



1% at RMS,1KHz

S/N Ratio




Power Supply

Phantom power 20V ~ 27.5V, ±20%

IP Rate


Operating Temp/Humidity

-20 to +50; <95% no condensation


Stainless steel in red and ABS cover

Dimension & Weight

298(W)×298(D)×89(H) mm; 3.8kg

EVAC-500 Voice Alarm & Evacuation System PDF Operation Manual