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EN54-16 Touch Screen Remote Microphone EVAC-500TM
EVAC-500TM is EN54-16 certified remote paging microphone, which is used for voice alarm & evacuation system, live speech, pre-recorded message announcement, individual zone, group zone and all zone paging multiple modes for voice evacuation & paging system.
Product Details


  • Touch screen remote microphone or call station.
  • EN54-16 Certified remote microphone.
  • Business & commercial zone live announcement use.
  • Multiple zones, single zone & all zone paging.
  • Each microphone of 120 zone capacity.
  • Support 32 remote microphones of loop redundancy connection.
  • The remote microphone unit is fully real time monitored.
  • Support PPT and lock type two modes.
  • Shielded CAT‑6 cable up to 600 meters.
  • Power supply from EVAC-500 controller.


The EVAC-500TM touch screen remote microphone or call station is EN54-16 certified and designed exclusively for EVAC-500 public address & voice evacuation system. The remote microphone is used for business and commercial live announcement to selected zones or all zones. The remote microphone is designed of 120 zone with busy & working indicators. Up to 32 units of remote microphone could be connected to the voice evacuation system via standard, shielded CAT‑6 cable and RJ45 connectors in a redundancy loop up to 600 meters. The talk button maybe a PTT or lock type pre-set by the dipswitch on the rear of the microphone. Green LED indicates the microphone and zone active status. The remote microphone is 24VDC powered by the EVAC-500 controller. The voice evacuation system is strictly follow the Construction products Regulation(EU)No 305/2011: EN54-16:2008 Voice Alarm Control and Indicating Equipment.





Touch Screen Remote Microphone

Power Consumption


Zone Capacity

120 Zones

System Capacity

32 Remote microphones

Line Inputs

350mV, 10kΩ

Mic Input

5mV, 600Ω

Frequency Response



<1% at RMS,1KHz

S/N Ratio


Operating Temp

-20℃ to +70℃

Power Supply

DC24V, ±20%


<95% no condensation


256×149×52 mm



EVAC-500 Voice Alarm & Evacuation System PDF Operation Manual