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CMX AUDIO at Saudi Light and Sound (SLS) Expo | 28-30 May 2023.


CMX AUDIO at Saudi Light and Sound (SLS) Expo | 28-30 May 2023. Where IP AUDIO, PUBLIC ADDRESS, VOICE EVACUATION, AMPLIFIER & LOUDSPEAKERS are displayed. www.cmxaudio.com, info@cmxaudio.com

CMX AUDIO is leading public address, IP AUDIO, EN54 voice evacuation system, 5G Wi-Fi conference system brand name in China, whom takes many new ranges of products for display:

CMX AUDIO 2023 New Products:

  1. PA-2500MX, 2 zone stereo amplifier with call station and remote control
  2. DSP-4400, 4 channel amplifier with DSP & Dante
  3. DSP-2400, 2 channel stereo amplifier with DSP & Dante
  4. 2.4G wireless teaching system
  5. IP POE horn speaker, IP POE ceiling speaker
  6. Wi-fi mixer amplifier, Wi-fi audio matrix amplifier
  7. Waterproof speaker WSK-33T, CSK-33W
  8. EN 54-24 new certified projection loudspeaker PJSK-20PS
  9. Line Array Loudspeakers LAS-903
  10. Dante DSP processor with zone call station
  11. IP based conference system
  12. 5G Wi-Fi conference system
  13. Wi-Fi stereo amplifier and loudspeakers.
  14. Audio Matrix Controller
  15. Wateproof wall mount speaker WSK-440P WSK-440PW
  16. Wi-fi mixer amplifier, EA-30W, EA-60W, EA-120W
  17. 2 Zone mixer amplifier, EA-30T, EA-60T, EA-120T
  18. Intelligent home audio wireless amplifier set A5D
  19. Intelligent wireless amplifier touch screen A7
  20. Intelligent wireless wi-fi amplifier with microphone A7M
  21. SIP horn speaker for CCTV system
  22. Audio matrix controller PA-6120MX