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Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Supreme Court Project Digital AV Conference System with Recording


Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Supreme Court Project Digital AV Conference System with Recording

CS-900 digital conference system has been installed in Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Supreme Court for judicial judgement and discussion system, where live speech, live recording, automatically video-tracking system, installed sound system has been integrated for this Supreme court audio video solutions.

The Supreme Court of Mongolia is the highest court in the judicial system of Mongolia, and is generally the court of last resort for non-constitutional matters. It is established by Article 48(1) of the Constitution of Mongolia. The 1992 Constitution states in Article 50(1) that "the Supreme Court shall be the highest judicial organ".

CMX AUDIO-Supreme Court Audio Video System Integration Description:

  • The Supreme Court of the United States has a sophisticated audio-visual system that allows for the recording and broadcasting of its proceedings. The system includes multiple cameras strategically placed throughout the courtroom, microphones for both the justices and attorneys, and a control room that manages all of the audio and video feeds.
  • The cameras capture a variety of angles, including shots of the justices on the bench, the attorneys arguing their cases, and the audience in the gallery. The microphones are specifically designed to pick up the soft-spoken voices of the justices and attorneys, ensuring that every word is captured clearly.
  • The audio and video feeds are then sent to the control room, where the audio is carefully mixed, and the video is edited to create a seamless and professional broadcast. The control room is staffed by skilled technicians who monitor every aspect of the feed to ensure that the broadcast is of the highest quality.
  • The audio-visual system in the Supreme Court is a vital tool that allows the public to observe the workings of the highest court in the land. It provides transparency and accountability, allowing citizens to witness the judicial process firsthand.

CMX AUDIO-Supreme Court Audio Video System Integration Features:

1. Multiple cameras: The system includes several cameras that can be used to capture different angles and perspectives of the proceedings.

2. High-quality audio: The conference system CS-900 uses advanced microphones to capture clear and accurate audio of all the speakers in the courtroom.

3. Live streaming: The proceedings are streamed live on the Supreme Court's website, as well as on various news channels, making it accessible to people across the world.

4. Archiving: The audio and video recordings of the proceedings are archived for future reference and can be accessed by researchers, historians, and the general public.

5. Closed-captioning: The system also includes closed-captioning features that allow people with hearing disabilities to follow the proceedings.

6. Robust security: The audio-visual system is highly secure and is protected by advanced encryption and security protocols to ensure that the recordings are not tampered with or accessed by unauthorized personnel.

7. Auto Video-Tracking, the camera will auto turn to the speechman to display on the AV system.

8. Audio Recording: The conference system controller CS-900 built-in audio recording optional feature to auto record the system for tracking and history event.

9. Feedback Supressor: The feedback surpressor is used to control the feedback and avoid any noise during the conference system.

10. DSP processor: The DSP processor like DSP480 is used with EQ, Gain control, delay, HLF, LLF to cut or suppliment the high or low frequency at confortable level.

CMX AUDIO-Supreme Court Audio Video System Integration Part BOQ: