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CMX AUDIO Won Great National Honor of Innovation Technology


CMX AUDIO Won Great National Honor of Innovation Technology

Good news: CMX Audio has won the honorary titles of "Specializing in New Small and Medium Sized Enterprises" and "Innovative Small and Medium Sized Enterprises" with high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises

Small and medium-sized enterprises are the main force of economic development, the main channel for promoting employment, and an important foundation for the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain.

In 2023, CMX Audio actively implemented the national application for "Little Giant", and won honorary titles such as "Specialized New Small and Medium Enterprises" and "Innovative Small and Medium Enterprises".

CMX Audio keep investing over R & D to empower the public address, conference system, IP audio and voice evacuation system with IP network features and compact all in one solutions, which add 5G Wi-Fi wireless conference system, Wi-Fi speaker, Wi-Fi wireless amplifier, echo amplifier, DSP power amplifier, Dante power amplifier, DSP power amplifier with Dante, Dante network loudspeakers, IP POE Speaker, IP two way intercom system, IP talk back system, IP wireless teaching speaker, IP network amplifier, IP remote paging microphone, IP encoder and IP decoder etc full range of public address and professional sound system.

What is "Specializing in New Small and Medium Sized Enterprises" and "Innovative Small and Medium Sized Enterprises"?

"Specialization" means specialization. It refers to a product with strong specificity, obvious professional characteristics, and strong market specialization that is produced through specialized production using special technologies or processes. Its main characteristics are the specialization of product uses, the specialization of production processes, the specialization of technology, and the specialized development advantages of the product in the segmented market.

"Refinement" means refinement. It refers to the adoption of advanced and applicable technologies or processes, in accordance with the concept of excellence, the establishment of sophisticated and efficient management systems and processes, and the careful design and production of high-quality products through refined management. Its main characteristics are the delicacy of the product, the profundity of process technology, and the refined management of the enterprise.

"Special" means characterized. "A product that is developed and produced using unique processes, technologies, formulas, or special raw materials, and has regional characteristics or special functions. Its main feature is the specialization of the product or service.".

"New" means novelty. It refers to high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights that are developed and produced by independent innovation, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, joint innovation or introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation. Its main characteristics are innovative and progressiveness products (technologies), high technology content, high added value and significant economic and social benefits.

Since the high speed development of CMX Audio we have paid more attention to product quality. Our products have passed third-party authoritative quality inspection, ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, EN54-16 certification, EN54-24 certifications, ETL, FCC, IEE certification, IP66 waterproof certification, appearance invention patent certificate, utility model patent certificate, and the company has strong strength and platform resources, It can provide comprehensive solution application and service guarantee for the majority of users.

Now CMX technical support offer free all AV system design system with AutoCAD drawing, EASE data, speaker layout, system wiring diagram, our team is of more than 15 years AV design and integration background, we are expert at airport voice evacuation system, transportation IP audio, conference room AV multimedia conferencing system, auditorium sound system, large scale AV conference system solutions, school public address and IP audio solutions, two way intercom system for hospital, prison and factory, DSP processor conference system, DSP processor sound system, live performance sound system, AV conference room automation system, AV recording system, AV streaming system, Video conference system etc.