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CMX Enpower Libai Group of Video Conferencing System & Conference Sound System


CMX Enpower Libai Group of Video Conferencing System and Conference Sound System

Video Conferencing System and Conference Sound System Project Background:

The conference room of Libai Group (Hainan) branch is located in the Hainan Ecological Software Park, which is located in the old town of Chengmai County, Hainan Province. It is a "key project and cultural industry demonstration park in Hainan Province", recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other ministries as a "national level new industrialization industry demonstration base", and recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology and other ministries as a "National level technology enterprise incubator."

Overview of AV Multimedia Conference Room Solutions:

With the great enhancement of China's national strength and the rapid development of modern information processing technology, various enterprises and institutions have increasingly high requirements for office modernization. Therefore, the conference room has gradually evolved from a purely listening and hearing based communication place to a comprehensive information resource communication place with multiple functions, including slide projector, projector, video recording and playback equipment various types of electronic equipment such as sound reinforcement equipment have entered the conference venue in large quantities. Make the configuration of the conference system more professional and more powerful.

AV Multimedia Conference Room Project Requirements:

1. The system should be able to easily and quickly manage all video and audio systems;

2. Good display effect, high brightness and contrast, no harm to the eyes, high image clarity, meeting the needs of conference applications such as video and image discussions;

3. Ensure that the audio amplification system is easy to operate and has flexible functions to meet different functional requirements of the conference;

4. Design a centralized control system to facilitate and quickly manage the entire system;

5. Meet the requirements for holding video conferences, daily meetings, multi-functional meetings, etc;

6. Meet the needs of high-definition signal transmission, video terminal signal access, and signal display;

7. Meet the need for full wireless discussion and speaking in the conference room;

AV Multimedia Conference Room CMX Solutions

According to the architecture and requirements of the conference room, the multimedia conference room uses CMX's remote video conference & sound reinforcement system, which can achieve:

  1. The entire conference room sound reinforcement system is designed using digital audio processing technology via DSP processor, stereo power amplifier and main loudspeakers and ceiling loudspeakers, taking into account the characteristics of various applications such as multimedia academic discussions, teaching and training, and multimedia display. It fully meets the sound reinforcement requirements of language and music, meets or exceeds the first level indicators of language and music sound reinforcement characteristics, and provides excellent audio-visual effects.

  2. Rich multimedia display functions allow you to freely switch between different video sources; Such as LED display, cameras, remote video, notebooks, etc

  3. It can achieve functions such as remote high-definition meetings and remote high-definition teaching, and support mobile phone and computer access to meetings, enabling modern multimedia conference rooms to transcend geographical and spatial limitations, providing a more convenient way for meeting communication.

  4. Centralized control platform, using wall touch as the central control manager for touch control, using the latest touch technology, accurate positioning and fast response, meeting the needs of mid to high-end users.