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CMX AUDIO EN54-24 Certification of Horn Loudspeaker HSK-30TSEN HSK-15TSEN


CMX as one of the leading public address, IP audio & EN54 system manufacturer in China, we had won a full range of EN54-24 loudspeakers certification from CNBOP, www.cnbop.pl, which includes ceiling loudspeaker, wall mount loudspeaker, horn loudspeaker, column loudspeaker and outdoor projection loudspeakers.

Ceiling Speaker with EN54-24 certifications: FCS-66FEN, FCS-810FEN, FCS-56MEN, FCS-66MEN
Column Loudspeaker with EN54-24 certifications: CLSK-40CEN
Wall Mount Loudspeaker with EN54-24 certification: FWS-56MEN
Horn Speaker with EN54-24 Certification: HSK-15TSEN, HSK-30TSEN

EN54-24 1438-CRP-0840 Horn Speaker HSK-30TSEN is one EN54-24 certified outdoor horn speaker used for voice alarm & voice evacuation system, ceramic connector, fire resistant cable and thermal fuse, 100V & 8 Ohm, 30W, IP66 outdoor use.

We keep annualy EN54-24 audit with EN54-24, we can ship CMX brand name EN54-24 loudspeakers, and we alo can do cross-listing EN54-24 certification for worldwide customers.

CMX with professional R & D service to offer 3D or CAD mechnical files, transformer files, loudspeakers drawing for new product innovation and doc for EN54-24 certifications.

CMX QC with incoming QC, with testing standards, records, return work flow, testing machine calibration, with on line QC, with burning or ageing procedure, with QA and 3rd QC service for control control.

CMX with ERP for every model BOM, SOP, SIP and technical management service for quality consistency  and after sales service.

CMX already OEM EN54-24 loudspeaker and SDK service to more than 12 customers worldwide, we plan to release at least 4 ranges of EN54-24 certified loudspeakers step by step.

please contact your sales manager for the certification of horn speaker HSK-15TSEN, HSK-30TSEN, if you require detailed test report or EASE data, please send inquiry to info@cmxaudio.com