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Almaty International Airport Voice Alarm & Evacuation System


Airport Voice Alarm & Evacuation System Design:

Integration with PAS system

Integration with CCTV monitoring system and display system

Integration with fire alarm for auto voice alarm & evacuation

Enable to paging to multiple zone respectively without interference

Paging system of busy, work and failure status monitoring

Emergency alert/EVAC/clear auto-broadcasting

Enable with fireman microphone, emergency microphone, paging system and background music system of different priorities

All main signal paths shall be supervised

All main components failure shall be recorded, monitored and backup

Full system shall be connected as loop and with pilot tone periodically monitored

All signal cable shall be 5VB level

All loudspeakers shall be of EN54-24 certified

All voice alarm & evacuation system shall be of EN54-16 certified

Voice alarm control system EVAC-500

Voice alarm paging station EVAC-500RM

Voice alarm fireman microphone EVAC-500FM

Battery charger EVAC-500BC

IP audio streaming module

Voice alarm & evacuation system software

Voice alarm & evacuation message card

Voice alarm & evacuation system SKD


8" Ceiling Speaker with Fire Dome, 6-3-1.5W, 100V


Pendant Projection Speaker, 20-10-5W/100V


Column Speaker, 40-20-10W, Aluminum


Passive Array/Column Speaker, 80-40W, 100V, Aluminum

Airport voice alarm & evacuation system is very importance for public area emergency safety keep, thus general paging system and multiple voice alarm & EVAC path are well kept and ready for use whenever there is a need. So full system shall be integrated with fire alarm, CCTV, PAS, BIS system etc, the EVAC system shall be full components supervised and status recorded by operator, multiple priority level fireman microphone and emergency microphone shall be assigned to different security guidance team. All loudspeakers and cables shall be fireproof and 5VB or UL fire-proof material.