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CMX AUDIO IP PA System IP-600 for Royal Copenhagen (Thailand) Ltd.


Royal Copenhagen (Thailand)

Royal Copenhagen porcelain and pottery have been made in Denmark since 1775. The Christmas plate series started in 1908. The figurines with pale blue and gray glazes have remained popular in this century and are still being made. Many other old and new style porcelains are made today. Famous tableware series include Blue Fluted, made since 1775, Blue Flowers, Julian Marie, and Saxon Flower, all made since about 1880. In 2001 Royal Copenhagen became part of the Royal Scandinavia Group owned by the Danish company Axcel. Axcel sold Royal Copenhagen to the Finnish company Fiskars in December 2012.


CMX IP-600 IP Amplifier & IP Speaker Installed in Royal Copenhagen (Thailand) Ltd., it is used for factory general announcement & background music system. One remote management software is used for program, setting, remote music/speech control & remote status monitoring. The IT Specialist Yootthapong Boonma, who is the IT Specialist of Royal Copenhagen (Thailand) shared his ideas why to choose the CMX IP-600 IP network audio system:” CMX audio is the few brand name exist in Thailand who offer good range of IP audio, its competence and cost-effective is preference rather than European brand name; CMX offers local technical support from Thai distributor, so urgent issue could be handled in time. We like the CMX IP audio, it meets our factory vast area communication coverage and minimum our cable layout cost, we can easily expand the system without additional cost by using the existing infrastructure, we will purchase another two buildings sound system soon”.


Our support team had met with Royal Copenhagen (Thailand) in Bangkok to exchange ideas of system reliability and performance, they are happy with its quality and price very much.


IP-600 IP Network Audio System Features:

1)     Audio system over IP network & fiber-optical transmission

2)     Digital IP PA (public address) system with paging/BGM/voice alarm

3)     General announcement/emergency announcement/pre-recorded voice message timely broadcast

4)     Remote software for audio streaming/volume control/music broadcast

5)     Easy zone/group configuration up to 6,000 zones

6)     Built-in weekly timer

7)     Built-in 36 inputs and 6000 outputs audio matrix

8)     IP remote microphone units up to 200 pcs of 9 levels priorities

9)     Easy system expansion by using existing infrastructure

10)  Touch screen IP microphone, IP wall mount amplifier, IP POE speaker, outdoor IP horn, IP amplifier, IP encoder and IP decoder wide choice

11)  IP voice alarm & EN54 IP based evacuation system of optional features


IP-600 IP Network Audio System BOQ:

1)     IP Network Audio Remote Software, IP-600SF×1

2)     IP remote microphone, IP-600TM×2 (One for control room & one for reception desk)

3)     240W IP Amplifier, IP-6240×12 (One amplifier for each assembly line use)

4)     30W IP Speaker (Active plus passive as pair), IP-650A×4 (Board room, meeting room & security room use)

5)     30W Outdoor Horn Speaker, HSK-30T×40 pcs

6)      PC & LAN Switch & CAT6 Cable & Speaker Cable