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DANTE-530C DANTE-530CW Dante Enabled Wall Mount Speaker with DSP



  • Active speaker with integrated Dante® & DSP
  • Power supply via PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • IP based POE powered 30W wall mount speaker
  • 2-way wall mount speaker 30W RMS
  • Built-in high efficiency Class-D 30W amplifier
  • 5.25” woofer with 1” tweeter 2-way speaker system
  • Single network cable for control, signal and power supply
  • Configuration and zoning of the speaker are accomplished via software
  • Support BGM, live speech, pre-recorded announcement over IP
  • Different programs simultaneously to different POE speakers
  • Paging prioritization and background music system
  • Remotely adjustable speaker volume


DANTE-530C is an Dante audio network addressable and self-amplified wall mount speaker system. The speaker is powered by PoE+ network switch meaning no external power supply is required. This Dante® speaker is particularly suitable for long distance audio streaming applications of higher sound quality requirements. It can be used for applications where several audio channels have to be transmitted over great distances and to different areas or locations. The fields of application include schools, office buildings, fitness centre, shops and restaurants. Compared to analogue transmission, digital transmission provides several benefits. The quality of the cable is not required to be as high as with analogue transmissions and even with greater distances, the signal features a comparably low susceptibility to interference. Compared with other Audio over Ethernet applications, e.g. CobraNet or EtherSound, Dante® can support gigabit applications with several channels, features a lower latency and automatic configuration.
The power for DANTE-530C is supplied via PoE (Power over Ethernet), which means Power, audio and control are delivered to the speaker via a CAT6 cable.