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Mixer Amplifier with USB/SD & DAB+ FM & Blue Tooth, EA-30D EA-60D EA-120D


Now digital DAB+ radio is more popular in Europe, CMX is the first company whom integrate mixer amplifier with DAB+, Bluetooth & Mp3 into one unit.

EA-30D,  EA-60D & EA-120D is mixer amplifier with DAB+, USB/SD & Bluetooth, its RMS power of 30W, 60W to 120W. 3 mic and 2 aux inputs, support 100V & 8 Ohm loudspeakers connection.


  • Tabletop mixer amplifier with media player
  • Built-in medial player with USB/SD, FM/DAB+ & Bluetooth
  • Rated power output at 30W, 60W to 120W
  • Speaker output of 100V or 70V & 4-16Ω
  • 3 x mic/line inputs, 2 x RCA line inputs, 1 x TEL input and 1 x RCA line output
  • XLR input with switchable +48V phantom power
  • With short-circuit, clip, overload and high temp protection
  • 230V AC and 24V DC both power supply







Tabletop Mixer Amplifier with USB/SD & FM/DAB+ & Bluetooth

Rated Power Output




Speaker Outputs

100V or 70V & 4-16Ω


Mic1 input by balanced XLR with phantom power

Input2-3 inputs Mic/Line switchable unbalanced 6.3mm jack

Line1-2 inputs by RCA, Tel input with MOH, Line output by RCA


Mic1-3: 5-8mV, 600Ω; Line & TEL: 150-470mV, 10KΩ, unbalanced RCA

Line Out


Frequency Response


S/N Ratio

Line ≥ 85dB, Mic≥ 72dB


Less than 0.5%


short-circuit, clip, overload and high temp protection

Power Consumption




Power Supply

230V AC & 24V DC; 50-60Hz







What is DAB+ and is it different to DAB?

DAB+ is relatively new to the UK and some of the UK’s national digital and local radio stations use this new technology. Although there are benefits to DAB+ some older radios don’t understand the new standard and you may not be able to receive DAB+ stations.

Some digital radios can be upgraded to receive DAB+ stations, but unfortunately many cannot and you may have to buy a replacement radio to receive Jazz FM, Fun Kids and Magic Chilled across the UK.

DAB Digital Radio launched in the UK in the 1990’s and most digital radio stations in the UK currently use this version of the DAB standard.

DAB+ (sometimes called DAB plus) is a newer version of DAB and has been used in some European countries for some time. DAB+ is more efficient than DAB, allowing more stations to be broadcast and in higher quality if desired by the broadcaster.

A radio which can only receive DAB will not be able to receive DAB+ stations. However, DAB+ sets are ‘backwards-compatible’ and will receive both DAB and DAB+ stations. The first services to use DAB+ have launched recently, both nationally and on small ‘trial’ multiplexes.

Although millions of digital radios have been sold the distinction between DAB and DAB+ has only been made clear recently on packaging and websites by some manufacturers. Many shops and online retailers continue to sell radios which cannot receive DAB+ stations.

As some radios won’t be able to receive DAB+ stations it’s unlikely that many services would switch to the newer DAB+ soon.

When purchasing a new radio it’s worth ensuring it supports FM, DAB and DAB+. The easiest way to check is to look for the Digital Radio Tick Mark. This logo only appears on radios which are ready for DAB+.