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MCX6U Pro Mixing Console

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Professional Mixing Console



Six channels compact professional mixing console.

Ideal for meeting room, sound reinforcement system, BGM system, PA system use.

Cost-effective mixer with pre-amp, DSP, graphic equalizer and effecter.

Suitable for church and mosque religious gathering to create solemn environment.

Capacity of feed in versatile sources from balanced or unbalanced microphone, line or tape.

Built-in DSP processor can stereo or separately control the left and right channel output. The built-in Mp3 player is designed with USB and SD input for easy control.

Built-in 7 bands of graphic equalizer for different channel separate level control.

Built-in digital signal processor to cut off high filter and low filter for good restoration.

Ideal for applications where hi-fi sound effect needed like hotel, mosque, meeting room.





6 Channel Mixing Console with Mp3


6 channel

Input Sensitivity

Mic: -60dB

Line: -20dB

Effecter: -20dB

Tape: -20dB

Output Voltage

Earphone: 200Ω, 300mW

Others: +20dBu

DSP Effect

24 bit, 48K sampling

S/N Ratio



<0.03% at rated power



Frequency Response



Treble: 12KHz, ±15dB

Middle: 600KHz, ±15dB

Bass: 80Hz, ±15dB

Power Supply

AC 230V or 110V, 50-60Hz

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