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Class H Professional Power Amplifier

Class-H Professional Power Amplifier   (In Stock for Sales)                                          

HPA5, HPA7, HPA10, HPA12                                                                                                  



ü  Robust performance range professional power amplifier.

ü  Ideal for life performance, permanent installation and sound reinforcement system.

ü  Switching power technology digital Class-D level power amplifier.

ü  Green technology amplifier by 85% efficiency of less power consumption, higher power output, less heat generation and longer life span.

ü  With PWM special power circuit to ensure excellent cooling system.

ü  19” universal rack mount type in 2U height.

ü  Support stereo output at 8Ω, 4Ω to 2Ω.

ü  Rated power outputs 2×500W, 2×700W, 2×1000W, 2×1200W @ 8 Ohms

ü  Support stereo, mono and parallel output modes.

ü  Limiters for each channel on/off selection.

ü  Input by balanced XLR male connector of two channels.

ü  Link by balanced XLR female connector of two channels.

ü  Output by balanced Speakon female connector of two channels.

ü  Complete protection include clip, high temp, overload and short circuit.

ü  With four fans for cooling down the internal temperature.

ü  Visual indicator of output level meter, power, protection and clip.

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