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Prolight+Sound 2017 Mess Frankfurt CMX Stand 4.1H61

Prolight+Sound 2017 always is one of the biggest pro audio tradeshow in Europe, where gathered more than 200,000 visitors and exhibitors, it always bring new technology and products to the world user with big surprise and impression.

CMX AUDIO will particiate the coming 2017 Prolight+Sound 2017 Mess Frankfurt during 04-07 April, our stand number is 4.1H61, where we will display the following new products.

Full range of EN54-16 certificated Voice Alarm System (EVAC-500 voice alarm controller, EVAC-500RT voice alarm router, EVAC-500RM remote paging microphone, EVAC-500BC 24V DC battery charger)

DS-4240 DSP Amplifier, 4 Channel, Class-D Amplifier, 4*240 watts, 100V & 8 Ohm, built-in DSP with EQ, crossover, limiter, delay, compressor, etc.

DA-500MT 6 Zone Mixer Amp with Mp3/FM/Bluetooth, (Each zone with different volume control, Amplifier with 6 zone controller, with call station, with audio sources, with interface for fire alarm system, AC & DC 24V)

DA-500RM 6 Zone Remote Microphone

PA-4120MX, 4 Channel, 6 Zone Matrix Amplifier (4 channel sources matrixly output to 6 zone, with 6 zone call station, with amplifier, with Mp3/FM/Bluetooth, with remote wall plate, AC & DC 24V operation, each zone with volume control, 100V & 8 Ohm speaker outputs)

IP-600 IP Network Audio System (IP-600RM IP Microphone, IP-601POE IP Speaker & IP-600POE IP Ceiling Speaker)

Class-D Amplifier (Single channel, dual channel and four channel outputs, 60W-120W-240W-350W-500W per channel at 100V & 8 Ohm, support AC & 24V DC, 1U, 5 years quality warranty, best cooling system and most reliable class-D amplifier by China audio system manufacturer-CMX AUDIO)

EVAC-500FM Fireman Microphone (EN54-16 system, with security door and lock, EVAC/Alert two pre-recorded message broadcasting, fireproof-version)

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