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CMX IP PA System Installed in Pinch Restaurant Almaty Kazakhstan

The IP PA system IP-600 from CMX was choosen and installed in Pinch Restaurant for its easy set up and management, the IP public address system for restaurant is compromised of indoor, outdoor, parking and restroom 4 zones, each zones could have different music or pre-recorded voice message broadcasting. Each program and its volume could be remote controlled by server room or insert local audio sources at each zone sub control places, thus a flexible background music system could be easily set up.

IP PA System for restaurant room BOQ:

IP-600SF, IP PA system server software×1

IP-600RM, IP remote paging microphone×1

IP-600NA, IP pre-amplifier×4

DA-240, 240W Class-D amplifier×4

WSK-530H, 30 watts two way wall mount speaker×24

CSK-610Q, 10 watts coaxial ceiling speaker×12

IP-600, IP PA system website page:

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