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CMX Russia Customer Visit CMX AUDIO & Receive Technical Trainning on IP Public Address System IP-600

 CMX Russia Customer Visit CMX AUDIO & Receive Technical Trainning on IP Public Address System IP-600


Russia customer Peter is representing one more than 20 years long voice alarm & IP public address company in Russia, whom have full rang of EN54-16 voice alarm & evacuation system and EN54-24 fireproof loudspeakers, they had found CMX AUDIO in India Tradeshow and finally visited our factory. They had visited the 4 electronics assembly lines, 24 hours full loading buring line, drop test line, temperature and humidity operation test, six steps of QC includs raw material test, PCB test, semi-finished test, on-site test and 100% test of finished product before packaging and QA of random test before shipment. They had watched how our software engineer worked on software writing code, make program on firmware and network code, and watched how our hardware engineer draw PCB, mechanical design, draw circuit diagram. Finally we had conversed on the experience of voice alarm system and what will be the future of public address system.


The customer team back with us a good stock order and confirmation of long term distributorship, they are very intereted to lunch the IP public address system IP-8000 and IP speaker range IP-600POE & IP-601POE for russia market, so they send their technical team to visit us and receive system demo, system trainning in our factory and show room, the meeting last up to 9AM, what good learners they are.


During the meeting, we had made company presentation, IP-8000 IP PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEM demo and practise and IP speaker IP-600POE demo and trainning, Class-D amplifier DA-4500 presentation and maintenance knowledge, voice alarm system EVAC-500 setting (speaker line supervision setting, zone & group setting and IP address DHCP sharing), 6 zone paging amplifier DA-500MT and its call station DA-500RM teaching, compact mixer amplifier EA-120 and various indoor and outdoor public address loudspeaker display.


A celebration party was hold as follow to bring this meeting to a perfect day ending.


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