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CMX AUDIO IP-8000 Project in Philippines

CMX AUDIO IP-8000 IP Network Audio System in Municipality of Mauban, Quezon Province, Philippines

The areas where they wanted PA system to cover are very far, some are even in Piers. Our only connection is Fiber Optic cables. So device must be networkable, otherwise, we'll have to lay Speaker wires over kilometers of distances, so IP network audio system is ideal for such applications.

Due to have a best function and cost-effective system, they consider IP-8000 System. IP-8000RM call station and software server in control room, IP amplifier IP-8000AM and one pair horn speakers MHS-60 had been installed in each district, thus few equipments of simple connection to create a large scale sound system over IP.


IP-8000 IP Network Audio System from CMX Audio Features

1)       Minimum cable connection by only CAT5 cable

2)       Save much cost of speaker cable and cable layout labor

3)       Minimum equipments of IP based sound system

4)       Remote control through software over speaker volume or different music

5)       Scheduler or weekly program pre-set to different areas or zones

6)       Each zone & IP equipment working status monitoring by software

7)       Different music, voice message & program matrixly to different areas or zones.


25 Zones IP Sound System CMX Audio BOQ:

1.       CD/MP3 Player with Tuner, CTM200×1

2.       Pre-Mixer Amplifier, PA-100MX×1

3.       IP Network Audio System Server Software, IP-8000SF×1

4.       IP Amplifier 100 Watts, IP-8000AM×25

5.       Outdoor Horn Speaker 50 Watts, MHS-60×50




IP-8000 IP PA System Software Server in Control Room:


IP Amplifier in Metal Case with 2 Outdoor Horn Speaker MHS-60




IP-8000 IP Network Audio System Website Page: 

50 Watts Outdoor Horn Speaker MHS-60 Website Page: 










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