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CMX AUDIO Thailand Distributor Install 40 Sets of Weekly Timer PA-400U in Factory

Weekly Timer PA-400U for Factory Sound System


CMX AUDIO Thailand Distributor Install 40 Sets of Weekly Timer PA-400U in Factory:

  • Schedule voice message for on work and off work reminding
  • Internal announcement system to different work shop
  • Remote control and monitor from PC & software
  • Background music system during off work time
  • Fire alarm system and voice alarm system interface
  • With 5 programs of one button push to work
  • With emergency program override function
  • With zone, group and all factory building paging ability
  • Easy system set up and configuration system
  • Minimum cost for future expansion



    PA System Weekly Timer with Mp3 & FM


  • Public address system intelligent controller.
  • Ideal PA sound system controller for school, shopping mall, hotel, and intelligent office etc.
  • All in one intelligent PA system controller built in weekly timer, 8 zone speaker selector, Mp3 player & FM, fire alarm and voice evacuation system interface, monitor and programmable power sequencer.
  • One amplifier or 4 amp inputs divided into 8 zones speaker output.
  • Built-in 5W hi-fi monitor speaker with volume control.
  • With one microphone input, one line input, one USB input and one EMC input and two line outputs
  • Auto timely broadcast up to 99 program sources.
  • Broadcast modes: random, repeat and circle.
  • 4 regular programs and 1 spare program for emergency/particular circumstance.
  • Functional swift key for internal MP3 player priority manual broadcast.
  • Flash memory capacity support 4GB and 8GB.
  • Audio source format support Mp3/MAV and WMA
  • The system communication distance up to 1kms
  • Memory function even in case of power off.






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